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Poets & Saints

Poets & Saints, along with a companion book penned by our pastor Jamie George, curriculum and a study guide will take you on an epic journey into the lives and stories of a handful of Christ-followers God used to wake up the world. Last summer a group of us ventured to Europe to trace the lives of C.S. Lewis, John Newton, Saint Therese, Saint Francis, William Cowper, Saint Augustine, George MacDonald, and many more; mining for undiscovered gems, something God could use to connect these individuals to modern believers.

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Poets & Saints Tour

Join us this fall as we share new songs from Poets & Saints.

We're also excited to have our friends Sandra McCracken & Jamie George out with us.

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More Cities added to The Neighborhood Tour!

We are excited to announce more of our fall schedule and our newly envisioned Neighborhood Tour. We hope to bring a community together around the common "shared meal" of a Night of Worship.

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The Neighborhood Tour + Conference

We are excited to announce our fall schedule and our newly envisioned Neighborhood Tour. We hope to bring a community together around the common "shared meal" of a Night of Worship. Rather than visit one BIG city, the plan is to visit 3 cities surrounding that region and encourage each community to invite other churches in their city to attend. The hope is to lean into relationships with one another; with people we see at the grocery store and who live on our streets. Let's connect face-to-face and see what happens!

On the last day, we will be holding a conference for those regional worship leaders, pastors & creative teams! It is our desire to serve you and to help you connect with each other. Sharing our stories, a meal, and creative time together will create stronger connections and stronger communities.

We will be announcing other areas in the coming weeks -- but our first stop is DALLAS REGION!

Dallas Area! We are making our first stop on the Neighborhood Tour in YOUR region. Check out the video to learn more about each night of worship and read below to learn more about the Neighborhood Tour Conference for worship leaders and creative teams! Hope to see you there!

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New Album!

Available Worldwide

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capping off a great first run on the west coast in seattle!! thankful for @transparentproductions and their support and care - can't wait to be in Atlanta next week!
11:08 PM Sep 24th
huge thanks to @eartrumpetlabs for letting us borrow some mics for the #poetsandsaintstour ! they are incredible!
12:57 PM Sep 22nd
loved being in Sacramento tonight! heading to Redding tomorrow, can't wait! ðŸ"· @zprichard
10:08 PM Sep 19th
what a beautiful night in Redlands, CA! heading to Santa Ana tomorrow - can't wait to share these songs with you, Orange County! ðŸ"·: @_rosie__
10:15 PM Sep 16th
We're headed to California, Oregon & Washington! More info at
1:13 PM Sep 16th
#PoetsAndSaintsTour starts tonight in Phoenix with @sandramccracken & @jamiegeorge24 !!
1:44 PM Sep 15th
our friends at @vrsly are doing a series of #poetsandsaints quotes on their app that you can place over your own images! check them out in the App Store!
5:39 AM Sep 8th
lovely afternoon with the folks at @relevantmagazine playing some new songs from #poetsandsaints !
3:22 PM Sep 6th
"Poets & Saints" is NOW available everywhere! iTunes link is up in the profile! . . You may think that records are made only by the artists, but this project was made with practically half of Nashville. We are so humbled to work with a team of insanely talented people who champion our crazy ideas and care deeply for how the church experiences God. . . "Poets & Saints" was quite the labor of love and we hope & pray it somehow meets you exactly where you are.
4:11 AM Sep 2nd
Join us tomorrow night on our facebook page as we talk about the new album & tour!
5:02 PM Sep 1st
thanks to Relevant Magazine, you can now listen to "Poets & Saints" before it releases on Friday! link in profile!
3:20 PM Aug 31st
(1/3) Saint Théresé was 14 when she became history’s youngest Carmelite nun. Known for “The Little Way,” Therese spent her short life learning how to be smaller so God could be bigger.
3:33 PM Aug 30th





Here's a song tutorial for "I Wait". Thanks @weareworshipusa
4 days ago
We had the amazing opportunity to sing these ancient words penned by St. Francis in his hometown of Assisi
6 days ago
Redding!! we are here tonight at the Little Country Church and we can't wait to share the stories & songs of #poetsandsaints with you!
Sep 19th
RT @augustinequots : You are filled and you are empty. Fill your empty neighbor from your fullness, so that your emptiness may be filled from God's fullness.
Sep 18th
@joshwah8 hey Josh they are called Robe Patt lights - here's a link! we rented them from a co. in Nashville.
Sep 15th
Here's a great tutorial resource for "This My Inheritance" from our friends at @weareworshipUSA !
Sep 15th
@JonathanDavidK @Sandramccracken it's by a company called @EarTrumpetLabs . they are incredible mics!
Sep 15th
@stephenproctor it all came together in the 11th hour 🙌🏻 such a fun night!
Sep 15th
First night in the books! #PoetsAndSaintsTour is heading to Redlands, CA tomorrow. Hope to see you there!
Sep 14th
RT @weareworshipusa : Want to have chord charts for each song on Poets & Saints by @allsanddmusic ? We've created a free bundle for you!
Sep 13th

Tour Dates

7:00 PM
$15 / $18 / $22
8:00 PM
Holland, MI
Hope College
$10 / $20 / $25 / $30
7:00 PM
$16 / $18 / $22
7:00 PM
$16 / $18 / $20
7:00 PM
West Des Moines, IA
Valley Church
$18 / $20
7:00 PM
7:30 PM
$18 / $22
Massapequa, NY
CenterPoint Church
$18 / $24
7:00 PM
$18 / $22
7:00 PM
Houston, TX
Ecclesia Church
$18 / $24