In late June we took a trip to Europe to prepare for our next record. We traveled through Ireland, England, France and Italy. On our way to Paris we stopped at Omaha Beach and sang Great Are You Lord. It was beautiful and surreal and we captured it on film​.

Then, two months ago on September 10th, we sat in a room with our producer Paul Mabury and tried to bring a song to life about a city we had recently visited and fallen in love with. Paris is the city of art. The city of love. A city with a rich history of both light and dark.

This is what we wrote.

You are my refuge
You are my hope
Constant and safe
My home

You are my shelter
I will not fear
Even in darkness
You're here

We weren't aware of what would happen on November 13th. We couldn't fathom the horror.

As we began the production of this record & pulled up the songwriting session from that day in September, we were overwhelmed by the prophetic & timely nature of the song. So we wanted to give it away.

A prayer for those who are in mourning.
A prayer for those still in fear.
A prayer for strength and courage.
A prayer for those seeking refuge

This is Paris.

Download from Noisetrade HERE or listen below.

You can also watch "Great Are You Lord" from Omaha Beach below.